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Myths About Ecstasy And Chronic Health Problems

Although ecstasy has become a Schedule II drug in the United States and severely restricted in other countries, it was originally created for medical use in various medical applications, such as psychiatry.

Doctors used ecstasy to treat depression, psychosis, and anxiety,  being a psychoactive drug without the users realizing that the drugs were recreational drugs.

These original medical uses are what lead people to have illegal drug use, such as Ecstasy. The drug is not well understood, and there are many rumors about the dangerous side effects of its use. Its true nature is still under study.


Some Side Effects of MDMA

There are some common myths and serious dangers of ecstasy. For example, ecstasy can cause a high body temperature, which can lead to death.

It has been noted by users that heart failure can result from high body temperatures. This is not true; however, it does mean that emergency treatment must be sought if a person develops this symptom.

High body temperatures can be caused by other things, such as overheating, dehydration or a lack of hydration.


Users also believe that ecstasy increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. This is untrue; there is no increased risk of contracting any sexually transmitted disease when using ecstasy.

This myth may have started due to one case in which a woman died of cholera, an infection that can be contracted through non-sexual contact.

This report was later retracted and the blame was placed on the contaminated urine. Cholera and other such illnesses have been reported after ecstasy use, but this is not a sign of increased risk.


Some ecstasy users have reported experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms when attempting to discontinue taking MDMA. The truth is that withdrawal from most drugs is only mild. The dosage of MDMA used in most cases is not enough to cause severe side effects. In fact, quitting is easy and it is not recommended by most medical professionals.


Another myth is that a person stops taking ecstasy because their body temperature suddenly falls. This is actually another myth. It is possible to drop the body temperature without having any negative side effects. The reason for a sudden drop in temperature is usually due to the user’s body entering into shock. This may cause a heart attack or death, but it is not caused by falling body temperature.


One last myth is that a person becomes addicted to ecstasy after suffering from heart failure. Again, this is simply not true. MDMA does not cause heart failure. Heart failure is likely caused by another factor, such as hypertension. However, a person does develop a chronic health problem if they abuse ecstasy.

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